Tales of the constellations



This book consists of 43 short fairy tales. This series of tales describes the 88 known constellations of our night sky. In the book the tales are collected and written by an astrologer, Lee. She travels across the world and presents people with her tales. These tales remind children and adults that the planet Earth with its inhabitants is just a little part of the universe. In these tales, people, birds, animals and scientific instruments are turned into the constellations. In each tale the good people, birds and animals understand one another. And only wicked creatures cannot live in harmony. The tales teach children to distinguish between good and evil. The author composed the tales on the basis of prehistoric megalithic culture to provoke the readers’ interest towards the history, archaeology and science equally with the interest towards astronomy and the beauty of the night sky. The book is suitable for older children and adults. There are many colour illustrations. This book contains the preface by Russian cosmonaut A. Soloviov. The book is illustrated by the author.

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Гарри Поттер и Орден Феникса
Июль - Август, 2015
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